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Business Profiles

Marketing Your Business to Sell.

If you have been on the market for a while, we can help you. We’re offering a whopping 50% discount on Business Profiles to help sell your business quickly and effectively (Usually valued at $1,250 +gst). The offer is exclusively available through the link. 

Click Here to order a Business Profile. (50% Discount Offer Valid until 30th September 2017).

Get Serious. Look Professional. Be Ready to Sell.

Using a Business Profile to market your business for sale is a wise investment and a proven marketing strategy used by experienced sellers and successful business brokers all over the world.

Having a good Business Profile can increase the chances of selling quickly at a good price, not having a Business Profile can result in staying on the market for months or not sell at all.

What is a Business Profile?

A Business Profile is a pre-prepared document you give to buyers that explains the business. It can be as simple as a one page summary to a comprehensive professionally put together 10-20+ page document, it all depends on the type, price and complexity of the business.  

A Business Profile is the “Information & Due Diligence” pack a seller gives to buyers when they enquire about the business. 
  • Raise the buyer's interest level.
  • Reduces delays producing information for buyers.
  • Removes friction dealing with buyers.
  • Explains everything about the business.
  • Validates the asking price.
  • Required for due diligence.
Having a good Business Profile answers all the questions and has all the documents. It makes it easy for prospective buyers, lenders and investors to do their due diligence and make a complete and informed assessment of the risk and opportunity. It’s the key aspect of successfully marketing a business for sale. 

Only $1,250 + GST
Our Business profiles are individually prepared for each business and designed to move prospective purchasers through decision-making to an offer as quickly as possible. The Business Profile has everything buyers need to make an informed assessment.

The format is professional, comprehensive and answers most questions buyers have about the finance, marketing, operations, staff and potential which are all detailed in the profile and many questions they didn’t think of.

What’s Included.
  • Detailed overview of the Business, operations, financials, adjustments, location, premises, staff, lease, risks, opportunities and potential, designed to appeal to buyers, lenders and investors.
  • Approx. 15-25 Pages + due diligence documents, depending on type, price, size and complexity of the business.
  • Professional Presentation, Format and Charts.
  • You own the document and free to distribute to prospective buyers and business brokers.
  • Plus essential seller forms; Confidentiality Agreement, Heads of Agreement, Trial Sheet and List of Equipment.
How it Works
  1. Debrief: A 1-on-1 business debrief over the phone with us about your business to collect the information required for the Business Profile.
  2. Draft: A draft is prepared for review usually within a few days, it may vary depending if we are waiting on further information. If you have changes, we complete them within 24hrs
  3. Delivery: After all checks and formatting is completed and you approve. We will send the final Business Profile version in a PDF version for easy emailing.
Download the Business Profile Brochure.

What Others Say
"Thanks to the team at Hospitality Trader for helping me present my business professionally. The business profile and information memorandum provides would be buyers with all the information they want and is proactive to answer the questions not yet thought of. I have proudly displayed this information memorandum as I  have been "raffling" my business and look forward to showing my children one day."
James Seddon - Das Hund Haus, Newcastle NSW

Click Here to order a Business Profile. (50% Off - Offer Valid till 30th September 2017)

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